Superheroes and heroines

I must tell you, it took a team of frieNDs to make it possible for me to arrive in Switzerland on time for treatments starting Monday morning. Because of how rapidly my disease was progressing and how quickly my symptoms worsened this fall I was forced to come home from school very unexpectedly. So unexpectedly in fact, I wasn’t able to pack up my dorm room for myself. Thankfully with the help of Matt Robinson, Jack Kowalik, Lauren Janek, and my sister the majority of my things came with her on her drive home for Christmas break. Unbeknownst to us at the time however, my passport was lost in translation. Grace Guibert swooped in and saved the day! She generously agreed to drive with her dad to meet our friend and an Exeter Property Group guy, John Toukatly halfway in between South Bend and Chicago, so that the passport could travel with Tim Walsh, another Exeter employee, out to the East Coast in the morning. We can’t thank you enough Gracie and Papa Guibert! superheroes-neo-super-mario-doctor-who-the-best-non-superheroes


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