False start

Today my dad planned to drive my mom and me to JFK airport for a 6pm flight to Zurich, Switzerland. We were pretty much packed and ready to go until half an hour before our scheduled departure when I realized I couldn’t find my passport. The whole family, our close friend Matt Robinson included, pitched in as we tore my room apart top-to-bottom. Another friend from Notre Dame, Grace Guibert, all the way out in South Bend even double checked in the places I stored my valuables while at school. Unfortunately, our thorough investigation and ceaseless pleas to St. Anthony left us frustrated, baffled, and empty-handed.

That was only until….we got a lead where it might have been left when all my things from school were packed up and brought home. Greg Wisinski, our friend and the owner of South Bend Brew Works, and Grace both raced back to the house for a final check and sure enough we have the “important government documents” back in our possession.

Thankfully two family members were thrilled we didn’t get to take off today- my brother, Teddy (who warmed my heart by happily proclaiming, “at least I get another night with my girl”) and our oldest Bernese Mountain Dog, Benny (who starts getting separation anxiety as soon as my mom pulls out her suitcase to pack).

Benny is happy we're leaving later than planned. He hates good byes!
Benny is happy we’re leaving later than planned. He hates good byes!

Now to deal with rebooking a flight through the airlines is a whole different headache….Wish us luck!

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