Compression Stockings? Check!

As a result of traffic caused by the funeral of the NYPD fallen hero we almost missed our flight….again. However, also as a result of nearly every policeman and woman in the city attending the funeral of Officer Liu, we didn’t get pulled over to receive a speeding ticket on the way to the airport. After all the passport chaos and traffic drama Mommy and me are finally boarded on the plane at JFK airport waiting to take-off for a slightly delayed 7 hour and 40 minute flight to Zurich, Switzerland. I have no doubt in my mind that my mom will sleep from “wheels up” until “touch down.” For me, the chronic insomniac, I hope there are some good movies.

I’m wearing my prescription compression stockings in order to prevent any syncope episodes during or after the flight. Every time I go to take them on or off, which is inevitably a ten minute long process, I am reminded of the dear woman at the pharmacy who spent an hour instructing me on the proper technique. I try to take comfort in them being nice and “snug as a bug in a rug” because the better job they do at compressing the blood vessels in my leg, the less likely it is I will pass out.

Aaaand now the flight attendant is very convincingly counseling me to put my cell phone into airplane mode. To us a safe flight, and to all a good night….

ps. Mommy wanted me to include this comic strip she found in the New Yorker to lighten the mood!


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