Day 5: Field Trip Friday

Hi everyone!

IMG_7072 (1).jpg

Today was a super special day! Not only is Francie nearing the end of her treatment, but she even got to go for a field trip today — The nurses in the ICU agreed to put mommy in a wheelchair for a brief amount of time and take her out of her room…to see me!



After school today, Teddy and Gabby brought me over to Hahnemann/Drexel University Hospital where mommy has been staying since Monday. There, I was able to meet mommy in the waiting area on the first floor. Tails were wagging and smiles were abundant as the loving relationship between me and mommy was obvious to everyone on the floor. What a wonderful treat! Leave it to us to find a loophole…no way were we going a whole week without seeing each other.

In regards to mommy’s treatment, she had a bit more of an active day, in part due to the stimulation of seeing me. Mr. Fitzgerald spent the night last night and informed me that Francie didn’t have the best night’s sleep, but has remained in good spirits with smiles, jokes, and a much-improved appetite. She also had some family and friends briefly visit throughout the day, and Mark will be spending the night with her as well.

As Francie approaches the final full day of her IV Ketamine protocol,  we remain hopeful that positive results are manifested through pain reduction. However, the doctors have informed us that because each patient responds quite differently to the treatment, it will be hard to know the extent to which the treatment helped grant Francie relief until the days and weeks after it concludes.

Whether mommy is discharged from the hospital tomorrow night or Sunday morning is still to be determined, so the doctors will need to decide what is best for her. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Finally, another huge thank you to all who have supported the fundraiser this week. “High-Five for Heiman-Patterson” has continued to development into one for the record books, as we have now raised $12,520 for ALS research from 106 donors! This amount will also be matched to fund POTS research at Vanderbilt University!


Mommy and I are both getting a little sleepy, but please stay tuned for another update tomorrow on her status. She has expressed such gratitude for all of your support!

Very sincerely,


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