Day 4: Turning the Corner



Back again to update you all on how mommy’s doing — Today concludes her third full day of the IV Ketamine protocol, which means only a few short days before she’s resting in the comfort of her home with me and the rest of her family!

Last night was a very good night for Francie. She had her best night of sleep and dealt with the fewest side effects from the Ketamine. Her anxiety and paranoia were held to a minimum, and she largely slept through the night. Mark was there with her in the hospital and remained there throughout the morning and afternoon today. He told me that the additional medications given to her to combat the side effects were helping mommy remain drowsy and at a lower activity level – positive signs that she’s giving the Ketamine its best shot at helping reduce her pain.


Teddy and Gabby arrived in the early evening, followed by Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald shortly after. Francie will continue to have someone by her side overnight as Mr. Fitzgerald will keep my mommy company. At this point, my mommy’s days are a little more routine. Every few hours, the nurses administer a combination of certain drugs in order to mitigate the side effects while also ensuring that her vitals are within the ranges that the doctors are comfortable with. Her daily labs have again come back this morning, positively indicating that her kidneys and liver are functioning properly and that her Ketamine levels are at a good place. Overall, today was quiet and restful for mommy, a theme we hope to continue until she is discharged either late Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

The big news today is that Francie’s fundraiser for her neurologist’s ALS research, “High-Five for Heiman-Patterson,” has exceeded its goal of $10,000 by raising $11,040 and amassing 92 total donations! Please also keep in mind that every dollar raised towards this fundraiser will be matched to fund POTS research at Vanderbilt University! Francie and her entire team are tremendously grateful for all of your contributions to this important cause.

These days without mommy feel long, but I’m doing my best to trust and remain hopeful that she will experience some relief from her pain. To all of you thinking of, praying for, and supporting Francie in your own ways…thank you. We are all so grateful for your generosity and thoughtfulness during this time.

For me, it’s getting close to my bedtime…


Goodnight everyone!

With a full heart,


2 thoughts on “Day 4: Turning the Corner

  1. Francie,
    What a beautiful account of your hospital stay and Ketamine infusion through Paddy’s eyes! So cute! You are in my thoughts and prayers, hopeful this infusion with help with your pain. You are so brave! Stay strong, you are supported by so many people who love you💕 Thinking of you, text or email if you need anything😘

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  2. Francie and family
    It’s cathy town praying and reading every day to see how youbare doing
    I would love to stop over and see you some day when you are home again
    Lots of love

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