My Unflushables

Sadly, at the ripe old age of twenty I am headed towards liver failure. I certainly haven’t had enough nights out on the town with friends to warrant my declining liver function…but as Frank Sinatra sang: That’s life! For anyone who doesn’t know this reference, please follow the link below and let your ears enjoy. Dana, my dear friend and “dorm mom” from the Hill School, first introduced me to it on a mixed tape she made to cheer me on and lift me up. She is my hero and my rock. I don’t know where I would be without her undying love and generous wisdom.

My hero, Dana.
My hero, Dana.

Our livers relieve our overtaxed immune systems by cleaning the blood, removing both poison materials that result from the body’s own metabolism, and those that are introduced from the outside. It is the most important filter of our blood and at the same time our chemical factory, responsible for transforming nutrients into our natural substances (eg. hormones). The main goal of this protocol is to the free the gallbladder and liver’s ducts of gallstones, clumps of gall, which substantially disturb vital processes, such as: digestion of food, elimination of waste products, and decontamination of harmful substances in the blood stream. The liver has numerous complex roles that are of the greatest importance for good health. Reversely, each malfunction of the body is, at least partly, caused by poor liver function. In a concerted effort to save my vital organ and reestablish a sense of normalcy within me, since last Saturday, I have been adhering to the stringent guidelines for the Paracelsus Liver and Gallbladder Detoxification Program. With the unblocking of the liver gall ducts, the several billion cells of our body can “breathe” better again and can receive a sufficient quantity of nutrients; they will be better able to expel waste products and be able to maintain perfect communication with the body’s nervous and hormonal systems.

Last night I began the dreadful preparations for today’s “Day-six Flush” of the intensive Gall Cleansing. The idea is to totally clear out your gastrointestinal tract, making way for the anxiously anticipated gall stones. It’s not a glamorous process, but I could not have been prouder when a few hours after eating breakfast this morning, I spotted the ‘fatty-floaters’ swimming at the top of the toilet. Admittedly, I was so overjoyed that I decided to scoop them out and rinse them off to display in a picture for my doctor. I will spare you the sight, but I consider it one of my most magnificent masterpieces. 

4 thoughts on “My Unflushables

  1. Love your ever positive attitude! And – when you get home I think you should skip right over college and med school and go teach med school. My goodness – you know far more about our bodies and how they function than almost anyone I know!! 🙂


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