MLK Day Motivation!

I am in the middle of a Liver Detox that is  stealing my energy away from writing any updates. My doctor feels as if it is necessary for me to extend my stay another week, so today marks my “halfway-there!” point. I try to keep reminding myself: even though I still have two weeks remaining….I also have two weeks under my belt.

On this holiday, celebrating the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., these wise words of his particularly resonate with me.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

This past weekend, our close friends from home arrived in Switzerland for treatment at the Klinik. Michelle’s son, Colin, has suffered from a horrific neuropsychiatric condition for years. What he and his family have been through is unimaginable. Despite all the emotional turmoil he deals with on a daily basis, Colin dazzles everyone with his intellect, sophistication, and wit. He is such a special young gentleman! Our handsome fellow showed up to meet his physician, Dr. Klein, this afternoon and when asked, presumably inquiring about his current symptoms, “How are you feeling?” he enthusiastically replied, “I’m feeling MOTIVATED!”


Colin was poking fun at the fact I despise the taste of beets! What a jokester..ha.
Colin was poking fun at the fact I despise the taste of beets! What a jokester..ha.

3 thoughts on “MLK Day Motivation!

  1. I know you don’t always have the energy to blog but it does my heart good when you do. Keep the faith. May your hope and trust in a God who loves you so dearly be multipled expotentially.

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  2. You are amazing Francie – I just read all your posts this evening as I just found your blog today……..I have no doubt that God has big plans for you young lady……your insight and wisdom is so far beyond your years. Can’t wait to see what your future brings to you and all those your life will touch…….Keep the faith as I know you will. So today like your “Hump Day” for your time there – half way through – woohoo!! Hang in there kiddo – XO – Mrs. S (Sulentic) 🙂

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