Day 2: All is Well

Hey there!


Me again! Despite the crazy hospital policy that prohibits service dogs from staying in the Intensive Care Unit, I’ve been kept well-informed on how my mommy is doing and would love to share her progress with everyone (Mark has decided I’m the better writer. And much cuter).


It’s now been over 24 hours since Francie began the full dosage of her IV Ketamine protocol, so she is very much in the full swing of the treatment. Last night, my pal Marky slept there to keep Francie company, and he told me that she remained asleep for most of it. Around 5:30am this morning, Francie’s neurologist, Dr. Heiman-Patterson, checked in on her for the first time. Her gracious words of admiration for my mommy helped her crack a smile in the midst of a strong bout of cloudiness, but Francie proceeded to thank her doctor and have a brief dialogue about how she was feeling — mild pain in her extremities and general fogginess in between her periods of sleep.

Later this morning, Francie was able to stand up largely on her own to brush her teeth, a positive sign of her strength. Around 9:45am, Mr. Fitzgerald arrived and kept my mommy company for the remainder of the morning and early afternoon until Mrs. Fitzgerald came to spend the rest of the night with her.


Generally, I’ve been told my mommy’s symptoms are in line with what is to be expected, and the nurses have done a good job of administering additional medicines to help with sleep and the anxiety induced by the Ketamine. I’ve been promised she is in good, attentive, and especially loving hands as she concludes her second day at Hahnemann/Drexel University Hospital.










Finally, we’ve currently raised $6,585 out of our total goal of $10,000. As you continue to think and pray for Francie throughout the week, please also consider supporting her fundraiser, “High-Five for Heiman-Patterson,” to the extent that you are able. This money will go towards her doctor’s groundbreaking ALS research. Please follow the link to read more:

Again, thank you for your continued support for my mommy as she approaches her third day of treatment. Your thoughts, prayers, and contributions to the fundraiser are especially well-appreciated.


I’m getting sleepy, but I’ll be back tomorrow with another update!

With great hope,


One thought on “Day 2: All is Well

  1. Allison just forwarded this to me and I just want to say that the entire Wagner family will pray for you sweet Francie. Your strength and courage is awe inspiring!!! Lots of Love, Sheila, John, Jen, Jack, Allison and Charlie

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