“New-found(land)” patient/doctor relations

I wasn’t expected into the Klinik until 09:00 for my acupuncture appointment. However, unfortunately, I’m still adjusting to the time difference and therefore woke up much too early. As someone who gets very poor sleep to begin with and already acutely sensitive to changes in environment (temperature, altitude, etc), the time alteration might take awhile to get accustomed.

This morning was proof that unpredicted and unplanned circumstances often work out for the best. Instead of administering acupuncture, Dr. Rupp decided it was more important for us to talk about my prior progress, current feelings, and future apprehensions. The conversation was far better than any time we’ve spoken before, in part because it was our first time one-on-one. He finally recognized the necessity to speak to me professionally, instead of stooping to layman language and sugar-coating everything out of his mouth. I’m not interested in signing-up and blindly following anyone’s program. Gratefully he now realizes this, and agrees “full disclosure” is the best policy with me. Dr. Rupp even apologized for being curt and dismissive of my desire to know as much as I can about what’s going on inside me and throughout my treatment plan. Feeling more comfortable with my doctor and more at ease with the approach is refreshing and restores my hope in the Klinik’s ability to aid me in my healing process.

Dr. Rupp also injected my first round of stem cells, known here as Organ Cell Extracts- from the “cartilago”/cartilage and “glandula suprarenalis”/adrenal glands. These are especially useful for halting the destructive autoimmune process ensuing inside me.

The rest of the day was packed to the gills. I went from magnetic field therapy to my session of Schöndorf Current-Therapy, a method by which wavelike impulses in counter beat, working deeply into the muscle and body tissues and improving the blood and lymph circulation, as well as the decontamination of tissue. Dr. Rupp chose this treatment modality to address my under-active thymus, a specialized organ of the immune system where T lymphocytes mature. This, in part, accounts for my issues with immunodeficiency and IgG subclass deficiencies.

Afterwards, I trekked back up to the top floor of the Klinik for a couple hours of infusions. Today, I received my first dose of Procaine, which we are praying with finally ease some of my intense chronic pain, as well as reduce detrimental inflammation.

After lunch in the Klinik’s Culinarium, I had my second CET of Indiba/Local, liver hyperthermia session with Shaji. I am still so worn out from yesterday’s therapy that I couldn’t keep my eyes open on the table. I kept dosing off. At one point I woke myself up, suddenly, when I realized that my hand had fallen off the edge of the bed into his lap. If I wasn’t so tired, I probably would’ve been slightly embarrassed.

I, then, went back up to the main procedure building for foot reflexology, followed by TANS Autonomic Nervous System/Heartrate variability training with my Kentucky pal, and, finally, inhalation therapy to clear my sinuses of chronic infections. Toward the end of my last treatment I started to have awful joint and nerve pain. Therefore, the nurse called Dr. Rupp and he promptly left the meeting he was in with another patient to rush to my side. He ordered a “stat” Procaine infusion and promised me he would do everything he could to ensure I didn’t suffer the way I have been for years. He scoffed at the notion of a “doctor” letting a patient live in constant intolerable pain; and insisted that is the doctrine of biological medicine! Almost immediately, a nurse on the infusion wing had a line in my arm and I wrapped up this long Thursday with my second Procaine drip.

I am back at the hotel and too drained to leave my bed or do anything more than brush my teeth. I hate to keep anyone in suspense, but unfortunately the analgesic effects of the Procaine have yet to manifest. Hopefully tomorrow will bring better news to report on this front.

I was so happy for my mom to make a new "Newfoundland" friend- because between my pain and fatigue I can't imagine I'm enjoyable company. It was hard to tell who loved whom more!
I was so happy for my mom to make a new “Newfoundland” friend, because between my pain and fatigue I can’t imagine I’m enjoyable company. It was hard to tell who loved whom more!

4 thoughts on ““New-found(land)” patient/doctor relations

  1. Hang in there, Francie. On top of that mountain in NC, I learned that you are a VERY strong and determined young woman. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Also, thank you for writing this blog. I look forward to reading it every day.

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  2. Hoping you found some relief from the Procaine and got some rest! You’re almost through week 1. Hang in their Francie! You’re so brave.

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  3. Hey Francie, we will be following your story and thank you for sharing. If this were only a dragon you would have kicked its ass a long, long time ago. I hope you get all the relief and comfort you deserve and that Dr Rupp and God can help you slay this dragon too. All the Kozies love you and pray for you every day. Grandma Jan too.

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