Happy birthday Bella!

10491209_10152575578989917_365896418954738480_nBella is a dear friend I made during physical therapy sessions four years ago. I met this remarkable young woman while we were both enduring aquatic therapy, in hopes of overcoming Reflex Neurovascular/Sympathetic Dystrophy (RND/RSD), a chronic pain condition also know as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). She is still valiantly fighting every day, and doing so with an inspiring spirit and uplifting smile! I am continually amazed by her unceasing courage and overflowing heart. She will always be my hero. I’m sending all my love and birthday blessings from across the great big, blue sea to Bella and her family.


Young, Lyme Disease Warrior Isabella Johnson has been in hospital for two months now. She’s celebrating her birthday here with family from her hospital bed. “Bella” as we all call her is a strong advocate for Lyme Disease as well as other illness/diseases. She always has time and a few kind words to show her love and support for others. So today, we honor you and your family who support you Isabella – on your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday Bella!

  1. Hi Francie ! I am so happy that you arrived ok to Switzerland. You are in the best care out there and hopefully the doctors will help you to get better.
    I miss you so much and there is not one day that I wasn’t thinking about you.
    Stay strong Francie.
    Lots of hugs for you and mom.

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  2. I continue to be inspired by you Francie and your caring for other people inspite of your long journey. I know you parents are so proud of you. Jennifer and I are so proud and honored to know you love Faith I looked up Dr. Rau and the facility . I know you will get better. Jennifer found lots of homepaths and alternative medicine in Australia. We are here for you miles away and are praying.

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